I never sell Corvettes or Cadillacs.
I’ve had the pleasure of showing them though.
They sell themselves!

Some call me “The Corvette Guy”. I guess that’s because I have delivered hundreds. I’ve run out of wall space to show you the proof of joy in my photo gallery. Every VETTE or CADDY buyer at Brian Cullen leaves with a hug and a smile.

Our CADILLAC lineup is the best ever. Again, the amazing new features in every single category are powerful reasons why CADILLAC remains a vehicle that makes that name so beloved and coveted.
My role is to make it easy for you to pickup your CORVETTE or CADILLAC. It’s not my job; it’s my pleasure. Do you see even one disappointed face on my wall of friends who have received their trophy GM treasure?

Tracy Wilks

Call me! Experience the joy and you will see that what I say, is true!